Inland Marine Insurance (mobile property)

Some veterinarian business owners have all their assets in one physical location, like their office or a storefront rental. Others, however, offer specialized services that include regularly transporting property away from the practice’s site. Whether assets are stationary or mobile, they need to have adequate insurance coverage for financial protection.

For property on the move, turn to Vetinsure for inland marine insurance. Our skilled agents offer the country’s best comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions to members of the veterinary industry. With our inland marine coverage, we can help protect your business from financial hardships.

Who Needs Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland marine insurance has nothing to do with lakes or oceans. Instead, the insurance covers commercial property that travels across land or is in storage away from the business’s primary location. The coverage also protects specific business items that regular property insurance won’t cover.

Businesses that benefit from inland marine insurance include:

  • Large animal veterinarians that perform farm calls
  • Mobile veterinarians
  • At-home services

Inland Marine Coverages

A BOP is usually insufficient for off-site tools, and equipment in most cases because on a BOP, your business property is only insured while either located at a scheduled premise or within 1,000 feet of a scheduled premise. But what happens if you are providing at-home care and a $20,000 therapeutic laser is destroyed in a car accident on the way to an appointment? Inland marine insurance fills in the gaps to protect unique assets like mobile medical equipment.

Protect your property even when it’s away from your veterinary practice with inland marine insurance from Vetinsure. Contact us today to speak with an insurance professional about your needs.