Claim Consulting Services

Dealing with insurance claims can be stressful. When a loss occurs, having the right support is very important. Vetinsure’s claim services can help you throughout the claim process to find you a fair resolution. We will carefully analyze your reported losses and help you identify ways to help employees avoid similar accidents in the future.

We are highly experienced in the veterinary field and are prepared for any challenges you may be facing. We will advise and guide you after evaluating your claims through our data analytics.

Why Hire a Claim Consultant

There are many benefits to having Vetinsure carry out your claim management.

Our claim consultants can assist you by:

  • Lowering your total cost of insurance by helping you identify and mitigate risk
  • Lowering your expenses through efficient claim handling
  • Adding services like Nurse Triage to help lower trips to the urgent care for work-related injuries

Vetinsure’s Wide Range of Claim Services

Our claims consulting experience is very diverse to fit all of our clients’ needs.

Vetinsure’s claim consultants can:

  • Identify opportunities in insurance recovery to keep the impact of the claim low on your business
  • Estimate case reserves and help negotiate yours down
  • Carry out a claim audit to look for any miscalculations or errors
  • Educate you in the claims process and claims policies
  • Evaluate claims in worker’s compensation and other liabilities

Diagnostic Test

First, our claims consultants will review your veterinary business’s current claims and history of loss. This helps us to identify room for improvement in your business’s operation to lower risk and avoid future losses.

Providing Resolutions

We prove resolutions for claim audits, recovery, and claim closure. One of our professional claim consultants will work with you and handle your case from start to finish, ensuring a personal experience clear of confusion or doubt.

A Culture of Improvement

At Vetinsure, we embody a strong culture of sustainable improvement. Our claim consultants will present you with recommendations for improvements within your practice. We strive to advocate for you throughout the entire claims process, making sure you see improved cash flow and lower claim administration costs in the future.

Choose Vetinsure for Your Claim Consulting Needs

Don’t let an insurance claim get in the way of running your business. Let Vetinsure’s experienced claim consultants manage your claims. Our consultants are experienced in claims handling and have strong analytical skills to evaluate any possible claim.

For more information on claims consulting services, call Vetinsure today at 800-272-1249. It’s essential to stay educated about claims processes before they happen. Our services will strengthen your veterinary business and protect you from financial hardship.