Data Breach and Cyber Liability Insurance for Veterinarians

With paperless information systems and payment methods dominating the modern world, cybersecurity is more important than ever. In fact, Ponemon Institute cites an average cost of $214 per record compromised in a cyberattack. When you consider how many clients your veterinary office has, you’ll quickly see how expensive a security breach can be.

Investing in data breach coverage is not only a smart way of protecting your business but also showing your clients that you care about their personal information. Get personalized protection for you and your business with data breach insurance!

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What Does Data Breach and Cyber Liability Involve?

You can think of data breach insurance in the same way as insurance against theft – the only difference is that it involves the theft of digital information instead of physical goods. Nearly 200 million individual records with personally identifiable information are stolen each year.

Malicious entities such as hackers don’t exclusively target large tech companies like Google and Facebook. With the number of data breaches increasing over the last decade, hackers seem to show an increased interest in attacking small businesses.

This is because electronic data such as personal information can be extremely valuable. Small businesses like veterinary clinics can have a wealth of information in the form of clients’ personal and financial information.

Hackers can use nearly any type of personal information to harass individuals and access financial resources. Most often, hackers will attack veterinary clinics in search of the following:

  • Client names
  • Social Security numbers
  • Bank account numbers
  • Contact information
  • Personal identification
  • Credit/debit card numbers

Even if you run an old-school clinic with paper files and no computer system, your clinic still deals with clients personal information when you cash a check at the bank since online bank records will record the deposit with your business. No business is excluded from the threat of a security breach.

Why Do I Need Data Breach Insurance?

Network security can represent a massive exposure since it involves each time you collect or interact with a client’s personal information. It’s almost impossible – and very expensive – to make sure every aspect of your business is watertight against all types of cyberattacks.

This is where Vetinsure comes in. Our cyber liability insurance covers the costs of legal fees if your veterinary practice gets involved in a cyber liability claim. We can even step in to assist with costs involving public relations or credit monitoring services for affected parties.

In the event of a data breach, you don’t want to have to foot the bill for lawyers and forensic investigators to defend and prove your innocence. Vetinsure covers claims of all types regarding data breaches quickly and efficiently to get you back to your routine.

Prevent a data breach crisis and even help protect your clinic brand with data breach insurance from Vetinsure. We specialize in all types of business insurance for veterinary clinics. Call us today at (800) 272-1249 to make sure your business is protected.