The Vetinsure Story

How it all began

In the summer of 2008, as the financial crisis was in full bloom, our founder Rod Finnegan met Dr. Jeff Bangle of Oconee Veterinary Hospital. After an examination of Dr. Bangle's insurance policies, which were through a national association, Rod quickly discovered over $1 million in coverage gaps that were unknowingly exposing the hospital to potential financial hardship. But he still needed time to search for better solutions that could offer the right coverage and save Dr. Bangle money.

Within a few days, Rod returned to Oconee Veterinary Hospital and presented an alternative solution (insurer) that not only offered more coverage but simultaneously lowered the annual insurance cost to Oconee Veterinary Hospital by 28%. This was a great success, but it was far too early to assume other veterinary hospitals were in the same situation.

By early fall of that year, Dr. Bangle had referred Rod to colleagues in Athens, Monroe, and Conyers Georgia. Each time the result was the same, regardless of whether the agent representing the hospital was a local agent or a national association. Veterinarians were underserved and paying too much for insurance and needed someone to properly guide them.

Rod started his career as a Middle Market Underwriter for The Hartford Insurance Company in Charlotte, North Carolina, which placed him in a unique position. Most veterinary hospitals were not only written through a national veterinary association but they were also primarily written through The Hartford. Rod knew there was no way the agency representing the veterinary association knew how to access everything The Hartford had to offer their members. He knew how The Hartford worked from the inside and he used that knowledge to help veterinarians get more.

After some introspection, Rod decided to redirect the trajectory of his career to focus primarily on the needs of the veterinary industry. And on September 26, 2008, Vetinsure was born on the same day his wife Julie gave birth to their daughter Olivia in Athens Georgia.

What we believe

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by leveraging some of the top A+ rated insurers to compete for you by offering lower rates, excellent coverage and efficient claims handling that is easy to use and user friendly. We just happen to provide superior customer service and industry-leading advice.

Why your local agent is not always better

When shopping for insurance, veterinarians face challenges common to all small business owners. However, veterinarians have to deal with many potential liabilities and professional risks. You need an agent that is completely focused on the business of VetMed so you can benefit from industry-specific experience to help you navigate the unexpected.

Why your veterinary association is not always better

The primary focus of any association is a growing member base. In order to be successful, the association has to offer benefits exclusive only to members. But this doesn't make the association itself an expert in any area they offer member benefits. But often veterinarians put all of their faith and hope in the products and services they purchase from a veterinarian association without investigation as to how good the products and services actually are.

For over a decade, Vetinsure has consistently beaten every veterinary association insurance program by over 25% while simultaneously offering over $1 million in additional coverage. Our question and challenge to the veterinary industry is simple: If your veterinary association is truly great at providing the best insurance at the lowest rates, how does Vetinsure even exist?

For too long major corporations and national associations have treated you like a commodity. We are here to change that.

What makes us stand out

How is Vetinsure different from other insurance agencies? Here are some things that make us unique:

  • We have the experience to serve independent and corporate veterinary groups. No client is too small or too large for us.
  • We have a strong culture of teaching and education. We strive to empower our clients by providing transparent information that is easy to consume leading to wise financial decisions for the business.
  • We are creative thinkers! We are here to help you overcome the risks your business faces by providing individually tailored insurance solutions and risk management advice.
  • We prioritize obsessive customer service to our clients, emphasize high responsiveness, and focus on client satisfaction.
  • We work with a network of highly vetted strategic partners who are called to serve the veterinary industry like we are. From banks, lenders, group purchasing organizations, and veterinary products distributors, we work with the veterinary industry's top partners so we can serve you.
  • We only hire the most highly trained and talented people. Our staff has a superb work ethic and will always go the extra mile to help you protect your business and save you money on insurance.