Veterinary Non-Profits Insurance

If you run a non-profit veterinary organization or animal rescue business, you will find that standard insurance policies won’t cover your specialized needs. While you, your workers, and your volunteers spend time caring for animals, you also have to consider the protection you’ll need against potential lawsuits and other catastrophic financial losses.

Veterinarian and animal rescue insurance for non-profits are services we offer at Vetinsure. As the country’s leading insurance company for the veterinary industry, we understand the associated risks of running a non-profit organization that rescues, treats, and shelters animals. Our skilled vet consultants will help you find the right policies for your tax-exempt organization’s needs.

Why Veterinary Non-profits Need Insurance

If you own or operate a non-profit that deals with animal rescue, shelters, or other veterinary practices, you must have insurance to protect your organization from financial ruin. At any time, your employees or clients can have an unfortunate accident and hold you liable. Lawsuits are expensive; fees alone can cost thousands of dollars.

Something as simple as a customer tripping over a dog in your facility is enough to trigger a lawsuit. Whether you choose to defend your business in court or take responsibility for the incident outright, the organization can experience a significant financial loss.

Your property can also experience devastating loss from natural disasters or other damages. Floods, fires, and theft have short-term and long-term effects. With non-profit insurance, you can recover quickly and resume your business.

Types of Insurance for Non-Profits

Insurance for non-profits in the veterinary industry can include many different types of coverages. During your consultation with Vetinsure, we will help you find the appropriate protections specific to your organization and budget.

Some of the most common insurances for non-profits include:

  • General Liability Coverage: Your organization can be liable for the actions of people associated with your business, including veterinarians. Liability insurance offers protection for bodily injury and property damage for people who do not work or are volunteers at your non-profit.
  • Property Coverage: Property insurance protects the non-profit’s belongings, like their equipment, tools, furniture, and inventory.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance: D&O insurance is necessary for non-profits because it protects the board of directors from lawsuits. Board members can have legal troubles for various reasons, including wrongful termination or improper use of funds. Unlike liability insurance, a D&O policy offers specific protections for board members and their assets.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: Some animal shelters and pet rescue non-profits use commercial vehicles to transport animals. If your organization provides transportation, you will need an auto policy. Depending on your business, Vetinsure can include comprehensive, towing, rental, and collision coverage in your policy.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Most companies have a legal obligation to have workers’ compensation to cover job-related injuries. The insurance will pay for medical bills and disability payments if the worker must take time off to recover.
  • Umbrella Insurance: This type of insurance can double your coverage by slightly increasing your premium. With umbrella insurance, you can extend the liability for your commercial auto, workers’ compensation, and general liability policies.

Get insurance recommendations and personalized attention for your veterinary non-profit by contacting one of our Vetinsure insurance professionals today.