Policy Examination Insurance Services

Buying insurance is simply a transfer of risk, which by definition is intangible. Only when you have a claim does the transfer actually become tangible.  However, you don’t want to wait to find out if your insurance coverage is adequate when you file a claim.

A policy examination will help discover if your insurance coverage meets the needs of your business and that you’re not paying inflated rates or for any coverage you no longer need.

What Is a Policy Examination?

A policy examination is a detailed review of an existing insurance policy. In a policy exam, we will objectively review the policy's contents, look closely at the essential elements, and ensure that the policy's original intentions are still fulfilled.

How Does a Policy Examination Work?

We start the process by obtaining any and all insurance policies you have for your business. This can include everything from business insurance and workers' compensation to your professional liability policy. We may ask you things like:

  • Prior claim history
  • Age of your building and any updates in the past 20 years to the roof, HVAC, electrical or plumbing
  • Square footage of all buildings
  • Gross annual payroll
  • Gross annual revenues
  • Number of employees (FT/PT)

After the exam is complete, we will perform a review of other options, including rates, coverages, and proposals of the top A+ rated insurers to help you gain access to customized insurance solutions for your hospital.

What Does a Policy Examination Evaluate?

The policy examination evaluates an insurance policy or policies in several critical areas, including:

  • Are you paying too much and can the cost be reduced?
  • Are there coverage gaps in your policy?
  • Are you unknowingly exposed to unmitigated catastrophic risk?
  • Have you not received an educational consult in the past from your current agent?

For businesses, a policy exam gives you the information you need to plan for the future.

Vetinsure has been serving the veterinary industry’s insurance needs since 2008. We offer customized insurance coverage and risk assessment solutions. We know that getting the most for your money is a priority, so we offer thorough policy examinations to review your insurance coverage and help you get the best coverage for the lowest price.

Want more information about our services? Schedule a policy examination and review by calling us today. We’re happy to help.