Veterinary Insurance Services

Your veterinary practice will benefit from services like policy examination or loss control to encourage your business to find stability and growth. Sometimes, insurance services are available to your practice that you were not even aware of but could greatly benefit your business.

The Vetinsure service team is available to help your veterinary practice whether you need a brand new business owner’s policy or a group benchmark. Call today to learn more about the services Vetinsure offers.

400x300 Policy Examination

Policy Examination

One of the popular services offered by Vetinsure is the policy examination service. Policy examination can eliminate one of the main problems that you might face with your current policy. You might know the basic idea of its coverage, but you might not know your policy’s actual effectiveness until after you have to use it.

With this service, Vetinsure assesses your current policy for any potential risk you might face in the future, possibly protecting your practice against unforeseen financial hardship.


Group Benchmark

If your practice is a part of a larger group, Vetinsure can compare how your group stacks up to others in your field. Understanding how your network performs in comparison to your industry at large can help you quickly find areas that need improvement. Vetinsure provides reporting on specific areas that can help your veterinary practice improve as well.


Continuing Education (C.E.)

Vetinsure can help you continue your education as you work in your veterinary practice. With RACE approved continuing education courses, you can learn how to put an effective strategy in place for your practice’s risk management and plan for disastrous events that your practice could face.

The Vetinsure C.E. course “Destroyed In Seconds” has found popularity at Western Vet, FVMA, and other conferences.

400x300 Claim Consulting

Claim Consulting

Some insurance claims are bound to be more difficult than others. For complicated or lengthy claims, Vetinsure’s claim consulting service can help you determine the best course of action for your claim. Some events may eventually lead to claims that you never expected. If you are concerned about filing a claim, consulting experts on the Vetinsure team can help.


Loss Control

Vetinsure’s loss control service aids your service in recognizing potential risks early to minimize damage to your practice. Carriers under Vetinsure have the tools necessary to analyze your business’s conditions and procedures to reduce the likelihood of loss.

When you allow Vetinsure to work with your company, you may also want access to loss control programs for online security, employee training, and criminal background checks. Loss control services include other services like cyber risk management, product quality process review, and incident investigation.

Loss control services also take other steps to further prevent loss within your practice by identifying and correcting area-specific hazards, reviewing your emergency sprinkler system, taking infrared thermography surveys, and providing new building acquisition consultations.

400x300 Business Services Integration

Business Services Integration

Your practice can benefit from the network of business service providers that Vetinsure can access to help your business in fields like payroll, accounting, legal, and veterinary consulting. Allow Vetinsure-approved professionals to guide your practice toward the success that you know it deserves.

Vetinsure Insurance Services

Vetinsure is a company that dedicates itself to veterinarians. With Vetinsure, your practice can save on your insurance costs while still getting all of the coverage that you need for your business. Your practice will find a lot to love about Vetinsure’s insurance services and knowledgeable staff.

Vetinsure’s many veterinary business insurance services fortify your veterinary practice’s integrity and set your business up for growth. For more information about the insurance services that Vetinsure offers, call today at 800-272-1249.