Loss Control Services

A loss control program is a necessary part of your business model to reduce the possibilities of a loss occurring and reducing the intensity of those losses. Assessing risk, effective planning, loss prevention techniques, and workplace safety are all part of loss control. Vetinsure’s carriers offer a wide range of loss control services to successfully analyze your veterinary practice’s controls to reduce the likelihood of claims.

Our professional loss control services team will review your business’s daily procedures and operations to understand how your business can run more safely.

Vetinsure’s Risk Management Program

Workplace health and safety are essential but can sometimes be overlooked. We can assist your business in safety training to reduce the chances of workplace injuries. Risk control and management is the first step, which helps us identify the problem areas of your business. Then, we can assist you in implementing safety programs at your workplace.

Sometimes, loss control programs are not 100% effective. Vetinsure’s knowledge of worker’s compensation insurance offers your business a resource in dealing with compensation claims and coverage. Our loss control providers can better help reduce losses by knowing the worker’s compensation management issues you are facing.

Reducing your costs is our top priority, as is keeping your practice running safely and smoothly.

Why Hire Loss Control Professionals

As business owners, we know that reducing losses can have a big impact on our finances and operations.

Here are some reasons to consider hiring loss control professionals:

  • Take the right steps to protect your assets and property. Let the professionals analyze any hazards at your workplace to replace faulty areas. Be sure to have your fire sprinkler system reviewed, too.
  • Keep your employees safe from workplace injuries by maintaining a safe environment. We can have your workplace analyzed for safety and train your staff in safety and risk management.
  • Lower the chances of a liability claim. Receive risk management and loss prevention guidance, as well as cyber risk management to reduce possible insurance claims costs from worker’s compensation or other general liabilities.

Our loss control professionals will monitor the effectiveness of the safety programs to ensure reduced losses for your veterinary practice.

Fighting Claims as Part of Loss Control

A big way to mitigate your losses is by fighting unnecessary claims. Sometimes, a claim ends with you paying more than necessary—this is called claim leakage. Maybe you paid off compensation without having completed a thorough investigation with all parties involved. In more severe cases, you could have a continuation of Permanent or Partial Impairment when an employee is returning to work.

Instituting a program for loss control will prevent your business from experiencing claims leakage. If you are striving to reduce your insurance costs, our risk management and loss prevention techniques may be right for you.

Call Vetinsure for Loss Control Services

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