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Florida Veterinary Advisors is a national financial planning firm dedicated to the veterinary community. They work with practice owners, associate veterinarians, veterinary teams, and industry professionals.

Tom Seeko and CJ Burnett founded Florida Veterinary Advisors to simplify finances and help as many as possible become financially independent. They both are Certified Exit Planners (CExP) and they help owners coordinate their business financial planning with their personal financial planning. They are the creators of the Smarter Vet Financial Podcast. Episodes are released weekly with the goal to make personal and business finances simple along with exclusive interviews from other veterinarians and industry professionals. Link to the podcast through their website:

There are four challenges that we help guide practice owners and aspiring practice owners.

  • Design and implement programs to recruit great talent to their veterinary practice. Veterinary practices will create programs for their employees and believe they help solve the challenge of recruiting, rewarding, and retaining employees. This can include things like health insurance and retirement plans. There are opportunities in a veterinary practice to spend money efficiently to create a win-win situation for the employees and owner(s).


  • Structure programs for individual employees that will secure them to the practice for a certain time and help that employee(s) with a lump sum to purchase into the practice later. There are employees crucial for the practice that help generate profits and maintain critical relationships with vendors and employees, or they are incredibly difficult and expensive to replace. Since most programs implemented at veterinary practices have to be offered to everyone, there are ways to pick and choose specific employees.


  • Show practice owners how to effectively build up personal wealth with the cash flow from their practice. Since most practice owners spend time practicing medicine and less on the business side, the profits generated by the practice can easily get absorbed back into the business or spent on their everyday lifestyle. To achieve the highest level of success in the future, we show practice owners how to create a balance approached to reinvesting money back into the practice and how they are actively contributing money to their personal financial plan.


  • Create plans for practice owners so they know how to protect, grow, and exit their practice on their terms while coordinating a retirement income plan with the sale proceeds. Many practice owners wait until they are exhausted from working long hours with no time off to start the process of selling their veterinary practice. There are very few options at this point because the owner has not created a plan on how they want to exit the practice and how they will take those sale proceeds to create a similar lifestyle throughout their retirement.

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