PSI Member Benefit

30% Fixed Workers Comp Dividend

Members of PSIvet have exclusive access to the largest workers' compensation fixed dividend ever offered to veterinary hospitals in the state of Florida. If you currently have workers' comp insurance for your hospital and you are looking to save money on insurance, this is for you!

Workers' compensation is vital to protect your business if an employee suffers a work-related injury or illness. Your annual insurance cost is calculated based on your gross yearly payroll relative to the state-approved rate. However, since the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation strictly controls the rate, the only way insurers can differentiate themselves is by offering policyholders a dividend.

A workers' comp dividend allows qualifying policyholders to share in the profitability of their policy when they have proven they have successfully controlled claims. The dividend represents profits earned by the insurer and shared with the policyholder. So on the surface, a dividend feels like a rebate - and it is. Unfortunately, however, most insurers either choose not to offer a dividend or, at best, a very small one that degrades with each claim you file. But at Vetinsure, we challenged the status quo and changed the paradigm.

In 2017, Vetinsure introduced the largest fixed dividend ever offered, at that time, to the Florida veterinary community at 15% fixed. Due to the program's rapid growth and excellent performance, we are pleased to announce the dividend has been upgraded to 30% fixed effective January 1, 2022.

If you are an existing Vetinsure client, your policy will be automatically upgraded when it renews.

Group purchasing power

What makes this benefit a great value, other than the size of the dividend, is that your eligibility is no longer weighed on your claim performance, but rather the claim performance of the entire group of participating PSIvet members! Even if you have claims, you can still be eligible to receive a dividend!

No local agent or national association can offer you a workers comp benefit this strong. If you have your workers comp policy through any other agent, you are leaving money on the table.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Must be an active member of PSIvet, Inc.
  • Small / Companion animal services
  • Favorable claim history
  • NCCI Experience Modifier can not be currently over 1.25
  • An annual net premium of $1,500 or greater

Ineligible Business Operations

  • Treatment of large animals
  • Treatment of exotic animals (store-bought pets ok)
  • Leasing employees to other employers
  • On-premise boarding that is greater than 25% of annual revenues

Apply Today

Group purchasing is a "no-brainer"

For years, Florida vets were not given a workers comp dividend by their insurer, or at most, a small dividend that degraded with each claim. Members of PSIvet now have access to the largest fixed dividend ever offered to veterinary hospitals in Florida!


Obtain peace of mind by locking in your dividend today!


Grow your business with confidence by getting the most from your coverage.


Protect your dividend by leveraging the group power of PSIVet.


Dividends Matter

Florida is truly unique when it comes to workers comp. If you were in almost any other state, your agent could show you different rates from multiple insurers and negotiate the best rate based on your claim history.

However, the rate of workers' compensation in Florida is set by the state. So, regardless of which carrier you may have, the rate is the same.

There are factors that can alter your premium, such as an NCCI Experience Modifier or Drug-Free Workplace Credit. But your Experience Modifier can hurt you if your claim history is active, which can result in you being surcharged. And while a Drug-Free Workplace is a fantastic deterrent for poor employee decisions, the discount on your policy is only 5% annually.

A workers' compensation dividend is the only way insurers can truly differentiate themselves and failure to obtain the best dividend can leave your hard-earned money on the table.

Not only is the PSIvet program offering the largest fixed dividend in state history to veterinarians, but you are also protected and shielded by the performance history of all participating members which helps insulate your policy and protect your dividend!

Vetinsure is an independent insurance agency and endorsed vendor of PSIVet, Inc. since 2012. Vetinsure is licensed to offer products and services in the state of Florida. No employees or officers of PSIVet, Inc. are licensed insurance agents and should not be considered as such. For any questions about products, services, and/or coverages please contact Vetinsure directly at (800) 272.1249. As defined by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, dividends are subject to board approval of the insurer and cannot be guaranteed.