PSI Member Benefit

3 minutes could save you 30% on insurance


The first question PSIvet asked us in 2012 was, "can you save our members money on workers comp?" The answer is yes!! Since 2008, we have been the most hyper-competitive provider of worker's compensation in the veterinary industry. We represent thousands of small and large hospitals, and our focus is to help you obtain the lowest rate while maintaining the highest standard of coverage.

Even if you have experienced an active claim history, we can help you! The key to keeping your costs down starts by focusing on the frequency of claim activity. We understand that animals bite and that it happens all the time. But every insurer will tell you that frequency leads to severity. If you have many claims for the same reason in a short time, you are more likely to experience a more significant claim that may require surgery and lost time from work for a team member. For this reason, PSIvet members get a complimentary insurance review - not just limited to workers comp.

But because insurance is a commodity, not all insurers offer the same rates, coverages, or benefits. This is where utilizing a vet-centric independent insurance agent gives you the most leverage over the marketplace to ensure you get the best results. To increase the opportunity for success, we have pre-negotiated with the strongest A+rated insurers to access the lowest workers' compensation rates for members of PSIvet! If you currently have workers' comp insurance for your hospital and want to save money on insurance, this is for you!

Even if you are a large independent veterinary hospital or a corporate group, you are not immune to insurers taking advantage of you. It's no secret that national associations like the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) or the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) have insurance offerings to members. But how could all members get the best rates if those associations are bound and captive to only one insurer?  That is like going to the grocery store for cereal, but all they have is Wheaties. That doesn't seem like the level of choice a veterinary hospital deserves. 

Vetcentric Value

The core benefit of an independent insurance agent is that we represent multiple insurers. The best insurer for your business today may not be the most competitive option years from now. Working with an independent agent provides you with more options and flexibility so you can spend your time focusing on your business and less time shopping for your insurance.

We benchmark each of the insurers we represent and work tirelessly to negotiate the lowest rates and broadest coverage for our clients. We shop rates proactively so our clients always have access to the best available solution for their business.

What truly differentiates our company is that, unlike national veterinary association programs, we have more than one carrier to offer you. And best of all, we fully understand how to insure you, unlike a local agent who will never fully understand the business of vetmed.

With Vetinsure, you get the personal service of a local agent with unrivaled expertise in protecting your veterinary business without the hassle of weak benefits offered by state and national veterinary associations.

Group purchasing is a "no-brainer"

Corporate groups are growing by the day and they are stealing your employees, clients, and money. With the purchasing power of over 5,000 independent veterinary hospitals, it's time to take advantage of your benefits, save money and create more wealth for you and your business.


Leverage the purchasing power of 5,000 members


Lower cost and gain more value from your insurance


Protect what matters most

Vetinsure is an independent insurance agency and endorsed vendor of PSIVet, Inc. since 2012. Vetinsure is licensed to offer products and services in 48 states. No employees or officers of PSIVet, Inc. are licensed insurance agents and should not be considered as such. For any questions about products, services, and/or coverages please contact Vetinsure directly at (800) 272.1249.