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Blue Heron Consulting is the nation’s leading veterinary consulting team. With a mission to improve the lives of veterinary professionals, they provide veterinary-specific solutions to practice owners, industry leaders, and their teams.

At their core is an experienced team that works to amplify strengths, elevate care, remove workflow gaps, create a culture of leadership, and build sustainable profitability – all while keeping your definition of success at the center of everything they do.

They’ve been making a difference in hundreds of veterinary hospitals across the nation through:

Hospital Coaching

Personalized, strategic support for the team designed to improve workflow, culture, financials, patient outcomes, and management within a veterinary practice.

Start-Ups & Acquisitions

Hands-on aid for new and aspiring owners through the financial, legal, medical, and operational phases of opening or acquiring a veterinary practice.

Hiring Services

Full-service recruitment for veterinarians, managers, and support staff, as well as job seeker assistance in the search and placement process.

Owner Coaching

One-on-one support and mentorship for new owners, existing owners, and transitioning owners, tailored to each stage of ownership.

Valuation Services

Trusted and certified provider of hospital valuations for aspiring, current, or selling owners.

CE & Events

Industry-progressing and RACE-approved continuing education webinars, speaking events, retreats, and workshops throughout the year.

Blue Heron Stats

Their team boasts an unrivaled depth of experience that is trusted by clients from coast to coast. With contemporary experience in hospitals of all sizes and models and an average industry tenure of 18 years, they can bring a unique, personalized approach to every hospital.

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"Our BHC coaches are an extension of our hospital team -  working with them does not feel like trying to communicate with an outside company, but instead like collaborating with like-minded leaders who want our team to grow. There has been a tangible difference in our culture, doctors, support team, and how our clients receive and react to our work. They are a support system and motivator in one, pushing us to do more and challenging us to think and act beyond our comfort zones.

Connor Crance, Montgomery Animal Hospital